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Arame farpado

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Arame farpado, também chamado de fita farpada ou arame farpado. O arame farpado é feito de arame com núcleo de alta resistência e uma fita de aço perfurada com farpas afiadas uniformemente em intervalos próximos. A fita de barbear é frisada a frio firmeme

Clipped Concertina Razor Wire Galvanized Steel
Razor wire, also called barbed tape or concertina wire. Razor wire is made up of high tensile core wire and a punched steel tape with sharp barbs at close intervals uniformly. The razor tape is cold crimped tightly onto the spring steel core, and finally into rolls for easy transport and deployment. 
And there are many styles of coils and blades that can be used in different environments. The wire is exceedingly hard to cut utilizing hand devices. While the barbs have a penetrating and grasping activity, reinforced steel makes it difficult to twist.
Razor Wire Materials:
Blade: steel plate by one-time punching molding or stainless steel plate by one-time punching molding.
Core wire: hot dipped galvanized wire, hot-dipped galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire
Clips: iron wire/galvanized wire/stainless steel wire
Surface Treatment: electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized or PVC coated

Outside Diameter        No. of Loops       Standard Length per Coil                           Type  Notes
450mm 33 8M                                CBT-65        Single coil
500mm 41 10M                                CBT-65       Single coil
700mm 41 10M                                CBT-65       Single coil
960mm 53 13M                                CBT-65      Single coil
500mm 102 16M                      BTO-10.15.22       Cross type
600mm 86 14M                      BTO-10.15.22       Cross type
700mm 72 12M                      BTO-10.15.22       Cross type
800mm 64 10M                      BTO-10.15.22       Cross type
960mm 52 9M                       BTO-10.15.22       Cross type

●High carbon steel wire
●The blade is very sharp, Strong defensive, high safety performance    
●Good corrosion resistance/ Galvanized for rust prevention        
●Various blade types                         
●Widely used in military fields, national security, social fences, private buildings
●Popular products, good market, hot sales          
●Customized packaging, free design labels    
Galvanized barbed wire offers great protection against corrosion and oxidation caused by the atmosphere. Its high resistance allows greater spacing between the fencing posts.


1. compression rolls, 5rolls, 10rolls, or more rolls as one bundle
2. water-proof paper inside with woven bag outside
3. 1roll, 3rolls or 5rolls in one carton
4. as customer request


Military Areas                                                       
Industrial Facilities (Storage and Factory Environment)
Parks, zoos  and Gardens,Villas ,Sites,Airports,
School Gardens